‌‌Is business better than a job?

‌‌A question we all have asked once in our lives. Everyone has stood on the crossroads at one point or the other, asking themselves, “should I start something on my own or continue the job?” and more often we know the answer to the question but are too afraid to consider it.‌‌

The risk of failure grips our hearts so tight that we forget that most profits come from taking the necessary risk and a little bit of luck. We take risks all throughout our lives. From choosing our subjects in school to selecting a place to work, we rely on our judgment and the possibility of making the right choice and what is a choice but a calculated risk.‌‌

Being your own boss and living a life that is free from the constant stress of a job is something we all wish to achieve at last. A business we can call our own. A vision that we can see being transformed into reality and startup is the first step of that remarkable journey.‌‌

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But starting a business of your own is not as easy as it sounds; nothing comes easy in life and surely not a lasting success. A business demands much more than a 9 to 5 job. A founder finds himself/herself at crossroads on every stage of the business but overcoming those difficulties is what makes the business worth every minute of the hard work. Business is all about perseverance and vision.‌‌

Since we are comparing a startup against a job, we ought to take a look at both the pros and cons of choosing either. Following are the few points that might help one in order to make the right choices as per their resources and wishes.


The first concern that most people raise is the stability of income and work in business in comparison to a job. A job, however mundane and stressful, provides a steady flow of income. At the end of the month, the employee is rewarded with their salary and incentives, even a bonus at times. This allows the families to plan for the future accordingly and evaluate their choices in life.‌‌

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Whereas, when you start your own business, there is a very high chance of a low or no income for the first few months and even years sometimes. There is no guarantee that the business will be successful and generate steady profits. It surely seems scary when one thinks about the other end of the stick.‌

‌But once the business is settled and steadily increases its output and profits, the sky is the limit. There is no cap on the amount of profit it may earn. A job surely has its fair share of promotions and salary increments but it is minuscule when a business starts to earn handsomely. One may earn an amount higher than a lifetime of salary within a few months if it is promising.


‌‌Funding can be said to be the first hurdle for prospective businessmen. People often back out from starting their business because of the funding that is required to launch it. A job does not require any such funding, to begin with. Moreover, a stable job provides an inflow of cash as soon as the end of the first month.‌‌

As frightening as the previous paragraph makes to start a business, it is rather much simpler. People believe they won’t be able to acquire the funds and will have to exhaust their savings. Hence, they back off from taking an initiative in fear of failure and losing their hard-earned money.‌‌

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But investing the savings is not the only way. You can get funding from banks, government schemes, financial institutes, etc. there are several ways one may acquire the money that is needed for the business.

And although a job is said to be free from any monetary investment, does education not account as an investment, necessary to land a job. Yes, it is not as direct as the money needed for a startup but it is present. Whereas, having a degree is not necessary to start a business; one just needs to have a good presence of mind and some knowledge about how to conduct business.‌‌


A job does not offer any sense of ownership to the employees that a business does so profoundly. At a startup, you are your own boss, you don’t have to report to anyone above you and neither do you need to adhere to deadlines and the 9-5 job which never is just from 9 to 5. Having your own business liberates the spirit of a person and brings out the best in them.‌‌

Employment limits the person to their designated role and leaves little space for innovation. After some years, if there are no new challenges, a job transforms into a mundane task one has to be done with every day. This environment hinders with the productivity and efficiency of the employees which in turn affects the company.‌‌

A startup presents a totally different set of opportunities and challenges. The hours are flexible at times and never-ending on the other but it is worth it in the end when you see your dreams come true. Entrepreneurs are motivated to be at their best because they are working to create a name for themselves and not for a paycheck.‌‌

A startup is an entrepreneur’s project, their baby, and they would rather be reduced to dust and bone before they give up on it. This attitude proves to be a budding environment for innovation, creativity and hard work.‌‌

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A job surely provides some personal growth and advancement but most of it extinguishes after the first few years on the job. While business works on continuous growth and efforts. A business presents much more opportunities for growth and development to its founders and developers. Exciting new situations arise a lot more often in a business environment than in a corporate office.‌‌

But before I advocate growth in favour of startups, we must understand that growth and development are not only in terms of business but at a personal level as well. Every individual looks to improve and extend his/her skill set. We all want to be better than yesterday, especially in the ruthless world called corporate, where there is little to no job security. One minute you might be employed and working and kicked out the other.

‌‌Amidst the entire stressful environment, one can hardly conjure innovative thoughts. The excitement wears off and the will to grow and learn diminishes over time. In startup cultures around the country, steps have been taken to avoid such environment that curbs creativity of the people involved. The encouraging atmosphere of a startup inspires everyone to perform better and aim higher.‌‌


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Starting a business takes guts and perseverance. It takes every ounce of hard work, innovation, creativity and the strength to handle failure. Tenacity is appreciated in business and an attitude that does not run away from challenges keeps the company going.‌‌

Everyone wants to earn more money and an investment in a business can earn you the amount of money within months that a lifetime at a job cannot earn. The main reason people dabble in the business pool is money and no billionaire has reached that level of success through a corporate job. A good percentage of the rich population is involved in the business of some kind.‌‌

Employment offers a steady source of income but the chances of increment are limited and scattered far apart. Startups take up investment in the starting stages of its life but once they are established properly they not only earn steady income but also generate profit. As the business continues to grow and expand the amount of profits increases.‌‌


Hundreds and thousands of people dream every second of every day about various things. Someone wants to be a pilot, someone wants to be a writer, someone wants to capture their passion for photography and someone wants to leave their job and start their own business; to build an empire so huge that the world seems small in comparison.‌‌

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So many people dream but how many of them take the risk and go for it? Not even 50%. We spend our whole lives wondering what if and whatnot, that we forget that the dream which used to burn brighter than sun within us. Our passion, our talent, our hobbies, etc they all take a back seat when you are busy with the job. And the time that you do get is spent recovering from the stress that we pressure that is constant at a job, and slowly the fire does extinguish and we feel stuck.‌‌

Our life needs balance to function properly and a job does not provide that balance. It hardly provides any time to even seek that balance. But when you work for yourself, when you are your own boss, it is much easier to keep your dreams alive and kicking. It allows people to harvest and transform their dreams into reality.‌‌

Realization of one’s dreams gives them a sense of fulfilment and boosts their confidence and productivity. Finding the courage to chase after a dream is bold and wonderful. There is no feeling that can beat the feeling of achieving your goals.‌‌


People spend most part of their life confined in their cubical, trying to meet the deadlines and pleasing their boss. Overtime is not an unfamiliar concept but after a whole tiring day at the office, it is quite hard to manage them both. The efficiency of the employee decreases day by day due to impossible work hours and the overwhelming work that people have to overcome.‌‌

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But an employee is not the only person who suffers. The family of the employee also bears the heat of the situation. People miss important days and events of their kid’s life and even their own because they have to work all the time in employment.‌‌

Owning your own business and being the boss gives us all the more reason to accommodate the reality with dreams and aspirations. The flexible work hours also leaves time to pursue other interests. Being able to recognize and work on the skills and dreams gives us that extra little bounce in our steps. A happy employee is the best employee.



VAHAK Transport community’ is one of the budding projects of the startup founded by Karan Shaha and Vikas Chandrawat. They have identified the transportation problems of the Indian markets and built the application that smoothly coordinates the different elements of the business. CodeNicely Software Services, a company which began as a startup as well, worked as a technical partner with the two founders on their vision for VAHAK.

The application has recently earned a feature in the newspaper for the startup, providing some much-deserved recognition and appreciation for the founders’ efforts.

The VAHAK application aims to provide a comprehensive network of transportation, in different forms, from all over India into the palm of your hand. The application allows independent transporters as well as organised transportation companies to enlist themselves as certified service providers only after proper inspection.

Not only the founders of VAHAK went through the problems of unorganised transport community, but they also entered the transport business to analyse the situation on a more acute level. They did transport like others and saw each side of the coin before deciding to create the solution.

Such dedication, tenacity and hard work is what defines a business and brings prosperity to the company. These young men worked until they found the solution and are now working to improve it every day. This is what India needs as a nation; dedicated youth.  

Visit VAHAK transport community @https://www.vahak.in/ for more information, to download the application and to connect with the company.


Chhattisgarh is emerging as a hub for startup initiatives and is reportedly developing an encouraging surrounding for initiatives in business. One of the major companies in the city is the aforementioned CodeNicely Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

CodeNicely, a Raipur based startup, started as a college dream which has blossomed as a strong, independent and diverse company today. 3 years ago, Meghal Agrawal, founder of the company, took a massive risk and decided to start his own company with a simple and clear aim; provide Digital Product Development services and be the best at it.

The company specializes in building MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) for startups and well-established companies, alike. We provide consultation to our clients on their ideas and/or transform them into reality in the form of digital solutions.

CodeNicely has grown from a service providing startup into a well-established company with its own flagship product – PTSA Fundraiser; it simplifies the complex process of fundraising campaigns for Parent-Teacher Associations, currently curated for the USA. Among the success, the projects and expanding the company, we did not forget our responsibilities towards those who come after us, those who are inspired by us.

Meghal has been involved in supporting and creating a startup-friendly environment in Chhattisgarh, for college students and graduates, in order to encourage the startup culture that is slowly taking speed in India. Our goal is not only to pocket the profit but to create a better future for others as well.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

It indeed is amazing in reality as well but success is not an overnight event, it is not an isolated effort either. The risks we take keep us on the edge just like they grip your heart. The wrong decisions and failed attempts gnaw away our confidence more than we show but every time we are knocked over, we get up; We fight, we become better.

This company is the result of many sleepless nights and restless weeks on end, in order to ensure exceptional quality and timely delivery. The gruelling efforts our extremely dedicated and talented team with Meghal’s guidance and support, CodeNicely has gone from 3 employees to 30, a small effort to an international presence and from a profit-centred company to a unit hoping to inspire and help others.

And it all became possible because Meghal believed in his dreams, in himself.

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Yes, it is dreamlike to start something that you can call your own and work forward to achieve your dreams but business is not an easy task and it definitely is not for faint-hearted people.

Business requires strong-willed individuals who can appreciate teamwork and bear the heat of losses when they occur because they will. Yes, a business venture earns a whole lot more than a job but it requires tremendous hard work and dedication as well.

‌‌A job will always be more attractive of an option to people who are not ready to take a risk in life with money, market and the safety of their family income. It will always be a steady source when compared with entrepreneurship but it hardly provides joy and growth to the employee.‌‌So, choose wisely and make the best of your choices.