We live in a world where people are fierce and life is more than often, unfair. So when your confidence falters and life has you flat on the ground, defeated, how do you find the strength to continue and try once more? The answer is fairly easy; you find something you are passionate about and let that push you forward; let that motivate you.

But if it was as easy as it sounds, the world would be a better place.

We spent our whole life looking for something that would make our struggles meaningful, something to make our life worth living and fighting for, and usually, we stumble upon it in the most unexpected manner. I, for example, found my motivation in the words of an unknown writer asking to ‘scour your soul for the emotions you’ve buried deep inside’; it was simple and yet so powerful like it often is.

Although contrary to popular expectation, motivation is not some drug that will make you successful but if you are able to seek it, there is nothing more powerful than the euphoria you feel from it in this world. Motivation allows you to let go of your inhibitions and fear in order to take the leap of faith, of confidence and most importantly of happiness.

A motivated individual can arguably achieve the unbelievable; such is the power of this feeling. Empires have been built and thrown over through sheer motivation and courage; something we lack these days. Not being motivated enough or confident enough leads us to second guess our abilities and talent every turn of the road. We doubt ourselves and in the meanwhile the opportunities that were ideal for us to slip away because of our negligence or the lack of care.

And so it is crucial for a person who is looking to succeed in business or in life in general, to have confidence, courage, perseverance and motivation. But I ask this question again, “how do you find something that motivates you?”

Well, let us find the answer.

Create goals

Creating small goals can go a long way. Writing your goals down and ticking them when you achieve them works wonders for your confidence and motivation. Once you strike out a goal that seemed miles away before you started, you feel such relief and happiness in every fibre of yours; every stumble, fall and cut that you had to brave becomes an honourable badge and you are boosted to go ahead and try to tick the next box.

In business, every task completed is a step closer to efficiency and eventual success. Every person in the team must work like a well-oiled machine to make sure things go smoothly and that the transition from one task to another is seamless.

Creating goals also keeps the team focused and engaged. The impending goals work like a ticking clock and this, in turn, motivates the employees to work harder, faster and better. Perks can also be added as a prize, to be awarded to whosoever achieves their goals in the least amount of time without any compromise in the quality of the work.

Money (monetary incentives).

Money is the biggest motivation in the world; we do what we do in life to earn money. We listen to our rude bosses (not everyone though), break our necks to meet ridiculous deadlines, work the weekends off, and even miss out on important events in our life just so that we can put some food on the table, clothes on our back and a roof above our heads.

Money motivates a person to work to his/her potential and even beyond it at times because of how much important an income is in our lives. People find money to be the best reward for their efforts at a professional capacity.

And although I agree that money cannot buy happiness in life in today’s world, everything that may bring you happiness, unfortunately, comes with a price tag.

Find your passion.

There is nothing better in life than being able to do what you are passionate about. The happiness that you get from working towards your dreams and life goals can rival the feeling of being surrounded by thousands of little puppies (If you're a dog person).

It brings so much of unbridled joy to your heart; you cannot sleep because of sheer excitement, you look for new ways to push yourself and life becomes an enjoyable affair.

If you have not found your passion yet then there is nothing to be worried about for people have heard their calling even at an old age. So many people have discovered themselves only after they had retired from their responsibilities and truly found what gave their life a new purpose and something to look forward to in the morning.

Surround yourself with motivating people.

Our social circle impacts us in a very subtle manner; we do not even realize when we change or when we develop our little habits which go on to become the dominating parts of our personalities. We mould our unique personality into something that is more resonating with the people that we keep the company of.

A change in this circle can do wonders for your confidence and general outlook towards life. Surrounding yourself with people who have a positive perspective on life, who realize the importance of change and who will guide you in the right direction.

People in our circles should inspire and motivate us to step out of our comfort zone and work towards actualizing our dreams, no matter how ridiculous they may sound; there is nothing more beautiful than experiencing your dreams come true.

Let it go

Life is unpredictable and there is not much that we can control; our lives are mostly what happens to us and how we react to it. But since we, humans, have the privilege of being the most advanced species on earth we go ahead and do something we shall never do; hyperventilate about the future, something that isn’t even in your control and despite being aware of the facts we simply ignore them and create problems for ourselves that have no base but unnecessary worry.

Not to confuse what I am saying with we shouldn’t worry about the future, I would like to further clarify that it is not simply being worried that hinders our growth, as one cannot prepare for something he doesn’t worry about, but it is rather that constant fear of future events that we  in our life with our own hands that makes it impossible to move ahead in life and grow.

So in the wise words of an ice queen, Elsa, “Let it go”. Worry about the future just enough to prepare for the worse and let things fall into their places. Life has a way of working things out, trust it and if not, trust yourself.

Remember why you started

we get excited by an idea and start working towards it; the first few weeks are very productive, everyone is excited and wants to contribute in one way or the other and people find time for the new project. But as time goes on, the productivity decreases, we find other things more important and time-consuming and slowly our source of excitement becomes a source of unfinished work, irritation and even some guilt.
And we end up abandoning the whole idea because it was not working.

So, in order to not reach that place in life and business one must remind oneself of the reason he/she started the project in the first place. They need to remember why they wanted to do it so badly and why did they use to like it so much because you will lose interest at one point or the other but you do not need to lose yourself because of it.

Revive yourself or even reinvent if the situation calls for it but do not just quit.

Profit is not everything

We all know the importance of money in life and more so in business. Everyone wants to earn money but few are bold enough to go to the business route. People who start a business on the basis of their passion and dreams also want to earn a profit because no matter how precious their business may be to them it still needs to recover the money to survive and earn profit to grow.

But granted everything I just said profit is not everything; sometimes business takes years to be finally recognized and appreciated by the public. But low income and the constant delay of success can take its toll and it is when motivation is needed the most and if you really are passionate about your work the delay will not matter; you will continue to try for as long as possible.


Dreams are the fuel of life, we cannot move ahead in life without any dreams and aspirations. It is our expectations, our desires, and our need for improvement that makes us get up in the morning and work towards our goals. Without dreams life would be meaningless, we would lose our purpose and the will to live.

Dreaming is hence, needless to say, quite an important aspect of life.  Everyone should dream and believe in themselves to achieve them. Our dreams motivate us to run after even the impossible tasks and make them happen. Dreams give us something to look forward to, something to be grateful for.

But dreamland is a beautiful place; you can be whoever you want, be wherever you want and live the way you want to without any real effort. It is the best place in the world, no doubt but one must remember the reality for one’s own sanity.

Motivation is a relative term and so what motivates me may stress you out and what motivated you might not work for me. Life is a journey for every individual and everyone must find their own path. Motivation is a gorgeous gift that we can present ourselves, it will make your soul happy and at the end of the day aren’t we all just working for that only?

There are a million ways of finding your mojo, something that motivates you and they all come from inside you. Nobody else can tell you what will or will not motivate you, it is you who makes that decision and to quote Dalai Lama, “Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.”