Internships are investments in your future. It not only gives you a real world experience but also provides you with the building blocks you need for your career. Talking of my summer internship I had a wonderful experience. The projects which were offered to me were very interesting and worthwhile.

Code Nicely is a springing startup, and as a company that is in transiting stage from a startup to company, fast-paced environment is apparent. Employees are very dedicated, they have immersed themselves into the projects. They believe that almost any situation has the potential to go from something seemingly helpless to something productive and worthy. I worked exclusively on the front end development and it was a great opportunity to understand code base and to get some code reviews. I worked on react native and getting knowledge of new technology has its own merits. I learned things which never found in my formal education.

There were times when I was stuck in analysis paralysis, a state when you either over-analyzed or under-analyzed the scenario unable to make any progress. Those were my learning opportunities and also the times when others shared their knowledge and experience of code. As an intern, there was a more relaxed nature to the work environment. The nature of work was open-ended, suggestions were welcomed and appreciated.

To the future interns, I would suggest to take each opportunity and accept the new material quickly and stay positive about them. And try to the ‘sponge’ of the place, and absorb anything and everything that is thrown, for there is a lot to learn, and Code Nicely will provide you a platform to grow both as an individual and as a software developer.