This summer I had a very great experience working with CodeNicely. A lot of things happened during the summer holidays. I would like to write them in points.

Scaling of CodeNicely

We were working on 5 different projects (3 from services division, 2 from products division)in the summer’s. We scaled from a team of 6 people to 16 people across various divisions. We also shifted to our new office at 36INC, (State government funded incubator) Raipur. It was the first time for us hiring people for non-tech roles. Ya it is fun working with them. We did have 3 interns in the summer’s. All 3 of them were on different fields

Design intern - Amulya

Server end Intern - Pavan

React Native Intern - Amrita

All of them really did a great job during their Internship.

Dedicated Team

One of the favourite things I had during the summers was the dedication of our team. Our team was the first to reach office in the morning (9am) in the whole incubator. Sometimes we reached even before guards. LOL. And also was the last to leave the office (some people stayed till 11pm regularly). We also gave away a MacBook pro to one of our developers seeing the dedication in the team. Our team’s motivation on the delivery date of the projects become 10x when we need to present the project in front of client. Yup that’s when we fixed things really quick.

Chill time

Although our team was very hardworking it doesn’t mean we didn’t have chill. We daily had 2 -3 breaks during the office hours. We did celebrate birthdays of teammates in Domino’s. Apart from this we also had our quarterly party which lasted till 1AM which is kind of a different fun in itself. We used to have project parties after successful completion of some particular phase of work.


Everything you need for Racquet sports.

I was managing a project named Racketlon! It’s a social media app for Racquet players where they can maintain their sports profile, search and connect with other Racquet players across the Globe. They can also search events, venues and products within the app.

The USP of the app was a score feature. People can record live scores , upload already played scores along with feature for tagging tournaments, venues and players while posting the scores.

Last day at office

Yup the photo on the top of the blog is that we took on last day on the summer holidays. I gave a small speech to the team about my experience and the future vision of our company. We also cutted an cake and had some snacks on my last day at summer holidays. The message written on the cake was

“We will miss you. Co-founder”

Yup I will miss everyone at the team too.

Thanks for reading ☺