A lot of business owners think that they aren’t working hard enough when in reality that’s not the problem. The truth is you can’t expect different results if you continue to do the same things again and again. So, if you are willing to make a few quick and simple changes, here are 5 things you can do to bring in more sales.

Change your Website content and Headlines a little :

From your homepage to each of your sales pages, you need content that speaks directly to your prospects in a language that they understand. This is a main reason why you don’t get many conversions(converting someone from a prospect to a customer) even though you have traffic in your website.

This is the salesman in your absence and this salesman must get the attention of your prospects.

It may be as simple as changing a single word in your headline. You can get up to 100% increase in click through rate if you put this correctly.

Change your Call to Action button :Your call to action is where you ask your prospect for the order or the sale. Sometimes just changing the words on the button will get your visitor to click on it and book a sale. Other times changing the colour of the button itself will do the work specially if the colour of the button stands out from the colour of your website. Your website works as a salesman and if you mess up the call to action, you’ll lose the sale. It’s a good idea to change only one thing at a time, such as your headline or your call to action, so that you know what works well in which situation.

Add Legitimate Testimonials : People are more likely to believe what others say about you, your company and your products or service than what you say. The more testimonials you have, the more convincing it’ll be. Testimonials should be as specific as possible- telling the exact results someone got because of you or your product rather than a general testimonial. It would be great if you include the person’s website address who is providing you the testimonial.

Have a referral program in place :A referral program is a great way of rewarding your customers for referring your business to other potential customers. Happy customers tend to spread the word if provided with some incentives. They just need some extra motivation. It can be in form of some loyalty points or you can give them a gift card which they can use else where. This is also called as Affiliate Marketing. Amazon has been doing this for years and this is an important factor which has contributed to its huge success.

Sell more to your existing customers than new customers :

“The real money to be made in any business isn’t in the initial sale. It’s in all the sales that come after the initial sale.” Most of the entrepreneurs are too much focused on the first sale from the customer. Once it’s over, they move on to making a sale to another customer. This is a mistake! It took time and and money to acquire that first customer. Don’t let existing customers walk away when they are interested in your business and you are busy focusing on new customers. It’s actually easier to sell to old customers than it is to someone new.

We at CodeNicely are determined to see you succeed. :)