Have you been wondering about starting a startup and thinking that it isn’t the right time. Well, let me tell you that the best time to start a software based startup is not tomorrow, not next week, and definitely not next year. It is this very second and let me explain why:

1. You have the power to make something out of nothing :

Right now, you may have some wild and crazy idea in your head and want to bring it into the world. It might also exist in some napkins, some wire frames, etc. but it can become a reality and there’s a great chance that it will change the world and have an impact on people. This wasn’t possible even 30 years ago.

2. A world of knowledge is out there :

Tiny amount of information used to exist when it came to startups and entrepreneurship. Seminars and business books were super expensive. But now, the experiences and startup stories of successful and/or failed entrepreneurs are available everywhere. The blueprint to starting a company and acquiring customers is all out there….for free.

3. Cloud computing and Web apps are cheap to create :

Ten years ago it used to cost a lot to get started with the hardware and software business. But today, we have open source frameworks/databases and cloud apps. Your time of development and testing is also reduced by free libraries like JQuery and Ruby on Rails. Everything you need is available for free and even if it isn’t, there are people you can talk to.

4. Getting press and media attention quickly is possible :

Getting press and media coverage was considered to be a great achievement and it used be so expensive to hire an overpriced PR firm. Now, a great product with a great storytelling can blow up the social media on internet overnight and get the attention of mainstream media and other tech entrepreneurs.

5. More number of customer acquisition channels :

Getting customers was and is the hardest thing for any startup. It takes a lot of money to acquire customers at scale but to get started, you can use many customer acquisition channels like inbound marketing, search engine marketing, direct sales, affiliate programs, etc. And the best thing about all these channels is that they cost very less amount of money or capital.

Bottom line : If you really believe that your idea can bring a change, then go for it because CodeNicely is always here to help you with all the software development you need. :)