Are your customers happy? Do you keep a check on your customer services? If NO then do this.

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Every company works hard to implement their strategies right. They primarily focus on the ways to make their product easily available to the customers with attractive website, offers, packing's and most modern processing facilities for faster delivery and returns but if customer isn’t happy with the services then what is the point of developing the product?

Out of all major issues, customer service ranks among the top issues for organisations. Best product or service must be accompanied by a smart customer service strategy. Happy and satisfied customers are an asset to the company’s profile.

How customer service can be defined?

It refers to how a particular customer is served when he/she contacts the company regarding any kind of query or advice or problem. It is a complete cycle of different stages a customer undergoes, which begins as soon as he/she enters the company, participates in the business process through one or more transactions and extends even after that, if the customer raises some additional needs or issues after the final transaction is completed.

Why customer service is valuable?

A company must address customer issues with full sincerity and honesty. Managing, retaining and providing smooth experience to customers is a very exhaustive and expensive matter for any new startup or company. It requires huge amount of efforts to establish trust amongst the customers.It was found in a survey that- whenever a customer was asked to review about any company they start with — "Their customer service is very poor/bad/good/best" i.e customer service satisfaction is their first parameter for judgement.

Carefully examine the curated list of top 13 mistakes a company must avoid to become the front-lead in the game of business. These mistakes are -

  1. Giving less importance to customer service
    For a company to excel and perform better consistency in providing excellent services is the key. Customer needs and problems need to kept at highest priority for improving the services, their emotions with a company’s service or product must be addressed well and they must feel appreciated for the same.
  2. Failing to provide sufficient training to the customer service representatives
    Customer service is an art and one need to master it to impress the customers. Lack of communication skills, insufficient knowledge about the subject, lack of listening skills and bad approach to examine the situation reflects the improper training scenario in a representative which degrades the reputation of company.
  3. Regularly putting customers on hold and make them wait
    Response time must be a priority for best customer service. Customers expect to have quick responses and better solution for their problem in the very first first attempt itself. If they are regularly placed on hold, they feel frustrated to contact the company again and again, so instead they prefer to switch off to some other competitor.
  4. Giving customers the runaround
    Once the customer approaches customer service for any kind of query, they expect to a service representative to whom they speak will resolve their problem. But sadly, most of them are switched to some other person making them feel tired of speaking to multiple persons and explaining same thing over and over again. This lack of incompetence in the staff leads to unsatisfied customer. Companies must get over the concept of giving the runarounds to customers to maintain better relationship with their customers.
  5. Lack of organization of customer complaints
    Customers often register their complaints in offline mode or through online portals. Customer care representatives must have the skills to record and manage all the complaints efficiently, they should not get displaced or destroyed. Improper management of customer records and lack of efficient systems for recording, processing and producing the desired output give bad experience to customers.
  6. Being proactive instead of being active
    When one need to succeed as a small business owner, it really is extremely important to always accept the fact that — "the customer is always right
  7. ". Sometimes customer care representing indulge in an unwanted argument kind of situations but it is worth remembering that the effort and cost involved to gain one new customer is a lot more tedious than it does to maintain an existing one. If you try to win an argument but lose a steady customer, you are punishing yourself and your business with lost revenue and ensuring bad reviews too.
  8. Bad Attitude towards customers
    Customers are very selective, they consider company behavior towards them as a very important criteria to stick to their product. If the attitude of customer care representative or the company is not empathetic or personal enough in terms of not being responsive to customer emotions, they may leave your services and find some other destination.Customer service employees must be very humble in their approach to understand the customer problem, must learn to use the words like -"THANK YOU" , "WE ARE SORRY", "PLEASE",etc. customers feels pleasing and might grant a second try !
  9. Mistaking the silence of customers for satisfaction
    Every customer has different interests and experiences with any product or services of any company.If they face any issues, they may file or raise a complaint but most of the customers remain silent they leave it due to which unfortunately many companies falsely believe that there’s nothing to worry about because they haven’t heard from a customer. Wrong! Chances are, customers don’t know how to reach you or don’t think it will make a difference.
  10. Failing to keep promises
    Its a famous saying that- “Under promise and over deliver is a way to success”. A study by Bain & Company revealed that while 80% of companies believe they develop great service — only 1% of customers agree with that. Just for the sake of satisfying the customers, officials often make fake or short term promises which develop wrong picture in the minds of customers and they feel it’s better to switch the services.
  11. Not collecting and acting on customer feedback
    Feedback is an essential medium to peep inside a customer’s mind and understand their interests. Feed backs collection, maintenance and useful utilization is the key where businesses fail.Timely collection of feedback and using them to improve their customer service and product is what expected by their customers.
  12. Failing to answer the customer queries on social media
    Businesses are no way far from using social media as a super-power to attract their customers but sometimes they fail to be responsive and attentive regarding customer queries on their support platforms. Questions on social media handles get ignored lot of times, sometimes there is no representative to reply to all those queries piled up in their inboxes and once they start replying it becomes difficult to handle the flooding messages all day long which results in customers losing up their interests.
  13. Sending automated copy-paste responses
    Customers face variety of issues which depends on lot of different factors.Company while resolving those issues often forget to keep this in mind. Since email is impersonal, some use predefined templates or scripts for each and every customer just in a copy paste manner none of which may apply to a particular customer, while some other businesses simply ignore customer complaints hoping the customer will simply forget the issue.
  14. Inflexible customer service policy
    Customer service representatives and managers should be able to find different ways to adapt the system to new policies to build positive customer relationships which can encourage customer participation and regenerate the trust in them.It must find an opportunity in every customer interaction to build a relationship which can help the business to shine. Rules must bend as and when required just for the sake of customers !

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